Just when you assume you’ve reached your limit on unicorn-themed matters you may ingest, every other one gallops proper around the nook to prove you wrong: Walmart has a unicorn ice cream cake that is not anything short of Instagram decadence. Just beholding it with my human eyes makes me feel like someone just shoved stardust down my throat and it is now glittering in my veins. It is a stunning purply pastel-y rainbow tapestry of digestible unicorn nonsense, and that’s not even the nice element.
Just in case this wasn’t already attractive to each glittery ventricle for your millennial coronary heart, the ice cream cake isn’t always simply an ice cream cake — it additionally has a layer of confetti cake. And that ice cream is not simply ice cream — it is cake batter-flavored ice cream. I would possibly clearly be crying sparkly unicorn tears. The cake, that is sold in Walmart locations underneath the Marketside emblem, is on the smaller aspect — it says it has 12 servings, however, I’d guesstimate you’ll break out with six to 8 — however, costs a trifling $14.Ninety-eight, that’s much less than the charge of 3 Unicorn Frappuccinos (a reality I’ve retained in my head for this lengthy due to the fact most of what I eat is either unicorn-themed or cheese.
If you’ve got a hankering for this kind of desserts, you can head to Walmart’s internet site and test the provision, and spare yourself the heartbreak of rolling as much as a vicinity devoid of unicorn ice cream magic. I’ve been knowledgeable there are 3 left at my closest Walmart, so truthful warning every body within the New York City place that those are approximate to all be extraordinarily long gone.

This is not the first time Walmart has forayed into the land of all things unicorn. True unicorn foodies will do not forget that the chain also includes Unicorn Sparkle Ice Cream, that is “cake-flavored ice cream with a mystical purple frosting swirl and sweet confetti portions” that hit shelves in April. I do not know whilst we, as a society, came to the selection that a unicorn’s inherent flavor become “cake,” however I am extremely here for it. Fittingly, that unicorn-themed dessert additionally seems like it simply threw a rave interior of a rainbow, and springs in just about each color you could find beneath the solar.
And simply in case that wasn’t enough unicorn to install your cart at Walmart, you could additionally buy Unicorn Morsels — “purple and blue swirled vanilla morsels” from Nestle Toll House that you can installed just about anything from cookies to cakes to cake to directly into your mouth. In quick, it is a really handy time to be a person with a sugar tooth who additionally loves unicorns who additionally lives inside affordable riding distance of a Walmart. So go forth, my friends, and plan the menu for all of your upcoming unicorn-themed fetes with as many desserts as your cart can maintain — simply be sure to call your local Walmart in advance to make certain the ice cream cake is in stock!

If you failed to already assume chocolate chip cookies had been the maximum magical matters inside the global (which they virtually are), this higher convince you. Toll House has gotten into the unicorn game with a bang by using introducing Toll House Unicorn Morsels, little unicorn-themed chips prepared to take your baking to an entire new stage. Instagrammer @JunkFoodOnTheGo spotted these scrumptious delights at Walmart, at the side of Toll House Espresso Morsels for the coffee fans obtainable. Basically, irrespective of what your tastebuds are, your day simply were given a whole lot sweeter.
But I’m all approximately the unicorns. “Add a MAGICAL twist on your ordinary treats,” the description explains. “Bake into your favored cookies and tarts, or top pancakes and cupcakes with our colorful morsels to bring unicorn marvel in your creation.” They are available a delightful millennial red and blue swirl of shade and they’re flavored with real vanilla. So your chocolate chip cookies just got a blondie, unicorn twist. I’m simply imagining the pics of chocolate chip cookies made with those and then the ingesting — typically the consuming, manifestly. I sense like those little crimson and blue swirls are going to look so scrumptious melted. I might also need a private second right now.
In a manner, I’m amazed that those haven’t already been an issue — especially with unicorns being so darn popular right now. And although no longer anyone loves unicorns and all matters sparkling and swirly, it’s OK. For the extra mature amongst with you developed palates and all that, there are also the Toll House Espresso Morsels. Made with real espresso, they promise to make your truffles and cookies more scrumptious and extra coffee-y, that’s usually a win.

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