A miscommunication at a Missouri Walmart that left a touch woman with a cake that studies “Happy Birthday, Loser” has gone viral on social media.
The lady’s mother, Melin Jones, shared a photograph of her adorable daughter and her “Loser” cake on Facebook ultimate 12 months, but it picked up interest once more late ultimate month.

Jones, who lives in Bonne Terre, wrote that she went to Walmart to get a birthday cake made for her daughter Liz, whose nickname is “Lizard.”
“I have given her a cake at Walmart and requested the lady to write down ‘Happy birthday, Lizard,’” she wrote.
Jones said that she didn’t examine the order form, so it wasn’t until she got domestic that she observed something turned into wrong.

“The female didn’t pay attention ‘Lizard,’ she heard ‘loser,’” Jones wrote.
Jones stated she became upset on the time, however now she thinks it’s funny.
“I was pretty bowled over. I didn’t know what to think at the start. Then after the shock wore off, I couldn’t stop giggling,” Jones advised USA Today.
Jones grabbed her phone to snap a photograph of Elizabeth and the cake and posted it that night. But she later removed it for fear that the Walmart worker could get in trouble.
Jones said her daughter can’t read yet and “we didn’t inform her what it said EVEN if we did tell her that the cake stated loser she doesn’t realize what a loser is.”
For the record, Jones did move back to the Walmart and got her daughter a new cake that study “Happy Birthday Elizabeth.”

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